16 Poliomyelitis

16.6 Contraindications and precautions

See also section 14.6 for information about DTaP-IPV-HepB/Hib vaccine.

16.6.1 Contraindications

See section 1.4 for general contraindications for all vaccines. IPV containing vaccines are contraindicated if there is a history of an anaphylactic reaction to a previous dose or to any of the vaccine components.

16.6.2 PrecautionsTop


No adverse effects on the fetus have been reported following administration of polio vaccine during pregnancy, but immunisation should not be carried out during the first or second trimester unless there are compelling reasons to do so, such as planned travel to an endemic area. However, bear in mind that pregnant women are particularly susceptible to paralytic polio.

If a previously unvaccinated pregnant woman is travelling to a country where polio is occurring, then two doses should be administered four weeks apart prior to departure. If departure cannot be delayed to allow a four-week gap, then two doses should be given at the maximum possible interval, though protection cannot be guaranteed. If the available interval is less than two weeks, a single dose is recommended, with further doses given on arrival where possible.