The Ministry of Health (the Ministry) appreciates the time and commitment of those involved in the updating and rewriting of the Immunisation Handbook 2014 .

The Ministry wishes to specifically acknowledge: Don Bandaranayake, Emma Best, Robert Booy, Harriette Carr, Steve Chambers, Felicity Dumble, Keith Grimwood, Helen Heffernan, Simon Hoare, David Holland, Darren Hunt, the Immunisation Advisory Centre, the Institute of Environmental Science and Research, Chris James, Bryn Jones, Tomasz Kiedrzynski, Min Lo, Peter McIntyre, Ryan McLane, Andrea McNeill, Chris Millar, Diana Murfitt, Lisa Oakley, Helen Petousis-Harris, Stewart Reid, Stephen Ritchie, Loretta Roberts, Allison Ross, Andi Shirtcliffe, Mishra Suryaprakash, Lesley Voss and Rachel Webb.

The Ministry would especially like to acknowledge the work of Vikki Cheer, the Handbook medical writer.