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This publication, which has been prepared for, and is published by, the Ministry of Health, is for the assistance of those involved in providing immunisation services in New Zealand.

While the information and advice included in this publication are believed to be correct, no liability is accepted for any incorrect statement or advice. No person proposing to administer a vaccine to any other person should rely on the advice given in this publication without first exercising his or her professional judgement as to the appropriateness of administering that vaccine to another person.


Comments on this book and suggestions for future editions are invited, to enhance the usefulness of future editions. These should be sent to the Manager Immunisation, Ministry of Health, at the address below.

Additional copies of this publication can be ordered from the Ministry of Health, phone (04) 496 2277.

Citation: Ministry of Health. 2016. Immunisation Handbook 2014 (3rd edn).
Wellington: Ministry of Health.

First published in May 2014, 3rd edition in December 2016
by the Ministry of Health
PO Box 5013, Wellington 6145, New Zealand

ISBN: 978-1-98-850201-4 (online)
ISBN: 978-1-98-850202-1 (ebook)
HP 6388

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