List of figures

Figure 2.1: Photo showing the infant lateral thigh injection site

Figure 2.2: Diagram showing suggested sites for multiple injections in the lateral thigh

Figure 2.3: Photo showing cuddle positions for vastus lateralis or deltoid injections in children

Figure 2.4: Photo showing the straddle position for vastus lateralis or deltoid injections in children

Figure 2.5: Line drawing showing surface landmarks and structures potentially damaged by intramuscular injection in the upper limb

Figure 2.6: Diagram showing how to locate the deltoid site

Figure 5.1: Diphtheria global annual reported cases and DTP3 immunisation coverage, 1980–2012

Figure 5.2: Number of cases of diphtheria and diphtheria mortality, 1916–2013

Figure 6.1: Number of culture-positive cases of Haemophilus influenzae type b invasive disease, 1990–2013

Figure 7.1: Hepatitis A notifications, by year, 1997–2013

Figure 8.1: Notifications of hepatitis B, 1971–2013

Figure 8.2: Management of a baby of an HBsAg-positive woman

Figure 9.1: Number of genital warts (first presentation) in sexual health clinics, by sex and age group, 2009–2015

Figure 10.1: National weekly consultation rates for influenza-like illness, 2008–2013

Figure 10.2: Hospitalisations for influenza, 2000–2013, and mortality, 2000–2011

Figure 10.3: Age-specific influenza hospitalisation rates among residents from Auckland and Counties Manukau DHBs (SHIVERS data), 29 April–29 December 2013

Figure 10.4: Influenza viruses, by type, 2000–2013

Figure 10.5: Influenza vaccine uptake, 1990–2013

Figure 10.6: Influenza vaccination of the egg-allergic individual

Figure 11.1: Hospital discharges from measles, 1970–2013, notifications, 1996–2013, and laboratory-confirmed cases, 1984–2013

Figure 12.1: Notified cases of meningococcal disease, 1970–2013

Figure 12.2: Age distribution among strain-typed meningococcal disease cases, 2008–2012 cumulative data

Figure 12.3: Groups and dominant subtypes among strain-typed meningococcal disease cases, 2008–2012

Figure 14.1: Pertussis notifications and hospitalisations, 1998–2013

Figure 14.2: Age distribution of notified and hospitalised pertussis cases, 2010–2013 cumulative data

Figure 15.1: Rates per 100,000 of invasive pneumococcal disease by vaccine coverage, age group and year, 2006–2012

Figure 16.1: Numbers of cases of poliomyelitis, 1915–2013

Figure 18.1: Notifications of congenital rubella, 1970–2012, notifications of rubella 1996–2013, and laboratory-confirmed cases, 1984–2013

Figure 19.1: Tetanus hospitalisations 1970–2013, tetanus notifications 1980–2013 and tetanus deaths 2000–2011

Figure 20.1: Notification rate of tuberculosis disease, 1980–2013

Figure 20.2: Tuberculosis notifications (new cases) born outside of New Zealand, by number of years since arrival in New Zealand, 2012

Figure 21.1: Hospitalisations for varicella, 1970–2013

Figure 21.2: Management of pregnant women exposed to varicella or zoster

Figure 21.3: Management of infants from mothers with perinatal varicella or zoster

Figure 22.1: Herpes zoster hospitalisations by age group, 2013